Great British Bake Off Is Back

Last night saw the first episode of series 6 air on BBC1 and we couldn’t have been more excited!


The team of 12 bakers were challenged to create a traditional madeira cake and a walnut cake before taking on the showstopper task of baking the indulgent black forest gateaux. 

Considering it was the first episode of the series, we’ve already had tears and catastrophes and, as always, plenty of innuendos. 

Here are our top 3 

  1. Mary - talking about Alvin’s walnut cake
    “caramel has flowed around the nuts but I rather like that.”
  2. Ugne - talking about her madeira cake
    “hopefully the taste will be good...and my crack will show.”
  3. Mel to Ian - talking about his decorative ideas for the black forest gateaux
    “I can’t wait to romp in your forest.”

For those that didn’t catch the episode, here’s our top picks:

  1. Mat creating a gin & tonic Madeira cake, with 7 shots of gin! …but, that wasn’t enough for Mary, she couldn’t taste the gin at all!
  2. Sue Perkins being caught white handed eating Marie’s cake mixture.
  3. Stu not taking his hat off in front of the Queen of Bakers, that is Mary!

And the show stopper, that had everyones attention was Dorret’s mudslide Black Forest Gateau. No matter how much Sue tries to reassure her with “it’s just a cake”, Dorret refused to accept that by replying with “it is not JUST a cake.” 

Thankfully all is not over for Dorret (which we’re pretty happy about as we quite like her!). This weeks star baker was awarded to Marie, and we said a farewell to Stu and his rather scruffy hat. 

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