The Benefit of an Eggshell

You’ve cracked your egg and now you’re left with an empty eggshell, what do you do with it? The majority will throw the shell into the bin, here we share what you can do with an egg shell. 


Garden Hacks

Eggshell Seedlings
Rinsing the eggshell thoroughly to ensure there are no traces of egg left in the shell, poke a small hole in the bottom of the shell to ensure maximum drainage. Once allowing the shell to dry out, add potting soil carefully alongside one to two seeds to each shell. 

Once the seedlings are big enough for transportation to a new pot, crack open the shell carefully - keeping the cracked shell - and put into a suitable pot. 

Cracked Eggshell
Whether you’ve kept the cracked eggshell from your seedlings, or simply from using your eggs previously, these will work wonders deterring away those soft-bodied insects from vegetable and flower patches. 

Simply scatter the cracked eggshell around the patches. Not only will the soft bodied insects stay away from the patches as they do not like to crawl across sharp surfaces, but eggshells are rich in calcium carbonate that your garden will be striving for. Continue to scatter the eggshells fortnightly to see your patches grow. 

Bird Feed
Have a bird feeder in your garden? Why not add some rich nutritious calcium filled eggshells to the feed, helping female birds to lay strong eggs and maintain bone health. Not only do the crushed eggshells give the birds nutritious value, they can be of great use for the building of bird nests.  

To do so, bake five eggshells at 250F/120C until dry (around 20 minutes), leaving to cool, then crumble and sprinkle into the feeder.