Egg Packaging Fails

Have you ever thought about the packaging your eggs sit in when you pick them up off the shelf? On average, each household buy 52 egg boxes each year and there’s nothing worse than getting home and finding your eggs scrambled (pardon the pun)!  

As egg packers ourselves, we understand our product and packaging needs. Keeping our eggs safe and secure is one of our biggest responsibilities. We sell over 2 million eggs a week and need to make sure they arrive safely. Our product can be so easily broken and yes, we do have a fair few breakages in the factory along the way!  

The importance of standing out on the shelf next to all the other brands is also really important to us. Did you know customers will pass approximately 600 products when shopping every minute? - wow! Eye level is buy level after all ;).  

We’ve decided to feature some of the craziest and funniest egg packaging designs we could find to show how perfect and reliable the traditional cardboard egg box is. 

We’ve found some brilliant examples that definitely look the part but not all that practical, see what you think for yourself.


Nutritious Value of an Egg White

The common misconception of eggs, is that they’re unhealthy and have a high cholesterol count. However, the egg white itself holds many nutritious values, some that you probably weren’t even aware of. 


Putting a stop to the whole cholesterol debate, an egg white doesn’t contain any cholesterol at all, not even a tiny 1%. But it sure is packed full of high quality protein - it’s up there with lean meat, fish and poultry. That’s why many bodybuilders and athletes will mix in a few egg whites with their protein shakes as a refuel after a hard training session. 

A single egg white contains the following: 
- 16 calories
- 0% fat
- 2.3mg calcium (making your bones stronger!) 
- 3.6mg magnesium
and many other beneficial attributes! 

The magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure alongside the muscle and nerve system, whilst building protein, blood and DNA. 

It’s eggcellent what egg whites can do for your health! ;-)

How to Crack The Perfect Egg

You’ve bought your eggs and now you’re ready to make the perfect fried eggs, one problem.. Your yolk always splits, leaving you with a hard egg yolk instead of runny - very sad moment. 



We’ve found the perfect technique to cracking an egg the right way, runny yolk guaranteed! 

With the top and bottom of the egg being the strongest point, aim to crack the egg in the middle - this is the weakest point. Holding the egg between your thumb and first two fingers, bring down the egg to a counter or skillet with a single assertive motion, or even tap something heavy against the middle of the egg. We find a knife works best! 

Gently empty your egg into chosen appliance and your yolk shouldn’t crack nor have any egg shells lying around! 

Do you have a preferred method to cracking an egg? Let us know in the comments below!