How to Crack The Perfect Egg

You’ve bought your eggs and now you’re ready to make the perfect fried eggs, one problem.. Your yolk always splits, leaving you with a hard egg yolk instead of runny - very sad moment. 



We’ve found the perfect technique to cracking an egg the right way, runny yolk guaranteed! 

With the top and bottom of the egg being the strongest point, aim to crack the egg in the middle - this is the weakest point. Holding the egg between your thumb and first two fingers, bring down the egg to a counter or skillet with a single assertive motion, or even tap something heavy against the middle of the egg. We find a knife works best! 

Gently empty your egg into chosen appliance and your yolk shouldn’t crack nor have any egg shells lying around! 

Do you have a preferred method to cracking an egg? Let us know in the comments below!