Recycling Egg Cartons

Nothing is ever useless in this day and age, here are our top 5 creative ways you can reuse your empty egg boxes.



  • Starter containers for sprouting seedlings. 

The cups in a carton are the perfect size for starting seeds before planting them in your garden.
Simply make a small hole in the bottom of each cup so water can drain and place some compost and one or two seeds in each cup.

  • Paint palette for craft days.

Stop your paints from mixing by squeezing paint into the separate egg cups. Plastic egg cartons can be washed and reused as many times as you wish.

  • Rip it up and throw it in the compost.

Simply shred or tear the egg boxes into small pieces, the cardboard egg boxes are completely biodegradable.

  • Organiser - Jewellery, coins, stationery, sewing kits etc.

Egg cartons are ideal for storing small items, the cups can separate your items so you’ll never have to manically hunt for something again.

  • Use again.

Take it to your local farmers market when you’re next shopping for eggs and simply reuse the box for the purpose it is made for, to protect fresh eggs.