Which Eggs Are The Tastiest?

Have you always been curious about other eggs on the market but are unsure which eggs to pick? Here we share some information on what to expect from different eggs and how they will make a difference to your dishes.

Duck Eggs 
Duck eggs are both higher in protein and nutritional value than chicken eggs. Their flavour is very similar to chicken eggs but has a slight creamier taste and texture. As duck eggs are roughly the same size as a large chicken egg you can swap to duck eggs in your recipes, hassle-free. 

Quail Eggs
Quail eggs are still viewed as a gourmet food but they are becoming more available. Due to the small size of quail eggs (they are roughly a quarter of the size of a chicken egg) they make great picnic foods and appetisers. When compared with a chicken egg the taste difference is minimal, with quail eggs being ever so slightly richer. 

Goose Eggs
Goose eggs are big, about 3 times the size of a large chicken egg. The bigger yolk gives them a creamier taste compared to chicken eggs. Goose eggs work perfectly in a rich homemade custard or as a special breakfast treat.

Chicken Eggs
The rich and earthy flavour of chicken eggs varies with breed, diet and environment but only minimally. The great thing about chicken eggs is that they are so versatile and widely available. 

What eggs have you tried? Which are your favourite?